Third Tradition M/C

Brotherhood Of Bikers In Recovery 


Paul R. (Brooklyn) felt a void that only riding with a group could fill.  He had spoken with other bikers in 12 step recovery programs, both AA and NA, around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area about this void.  These men were from diversified backgrounds and were in different stages of their recovery.  They saw the need for a brotherhood of bikers sharing a common desire and goal.  In the summer of 1999 the idea of forming a club was developed and in September of 1999 the first set of Third Tradition Motorcycle Club colors  were flown.  

The club had no rules except 90 days clean and sober, no dirt bikes or crotch rockets and let us not forget, NO WOMEN members.  There were 8 eager members at first but after the new wore off and with no real organization the club begin to diminish.  The 3 surviving members were dedicated to keeping the coffee pot warm and in the spring of 2003 a few new members got their colors and the growth cycle began.  By May of 2003, the club had grown to over a dozen active members meeting regularly with the structure needed to grow the club.  The club has weathered some growing pains and now has two chapters. The club is host of our fall event Oktsoberfest and for our Rock-N-At the Ranch a major spring event to raise funds for 3rd Tradition Charities (5o1.c3). TTMC is a respected member of the Confederation Of Clubs.














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