The Third Tradition Motorcycle Club is an association of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who enjoy riding with other recovering members. This environment promotes a life-style free from the horrors of addiction. We, as a club, are not affiliated with any 12 Step Program. Though our name, "Third Tradition MC" may imply that there is only one requirement, the desire to stop using is our primary requirement, not our only requirement. General requirements for all members are:

  • All full patch/prospect members must maintain complete abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. 
  • All full patch/prospect members will be male.
  • All full patch/prospect members, to the best of their ability, will at all times adhere to the principles/values of brotherhood, unity and honorable clean and sober living.
  • All full patch/prospect members will own a "Street Legal", properly insured, properly licensed  touring or cruiser class motorcycle of 750 cc or larger . (No RACE bikes or DIRT bikes may be patched members, non-patched riders wishing to join any of our open rides may do so regardless of size or type of bike. For the safety of our club and all riders involved, we do ask that you respect our,"Road Rules" and be properly insured and legal).
  • Non-color bearing members (i.e. spouses and friends active in club functions) will at all times respect the club "Colors" and what they represent.

The Third Tradition Motorcycle Club functions solely for the benefit of its members and has no official connection with either AA or NA and is not a substitute for either fellowship.

 "In Recovery We Ride"

 The Third Tradition motorcycle club is a supporter of the TEXAS CONFEDERATION OF CLUBS, advocates for the rights of all those who ride in the great state of TEXAS.